Essence Essence

A simple question… a difficult answer! We help our clients get to grips with the complex problems behind this question and explore the multitude of possibilities.

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Means Means

Practically explore enabling technologies, emerging technologies, capabilities, collaborators, synergies… Now and in the future!

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What-How as pairs What-How as pairs

We see strategy as simply the answer to the question “What?” and “What for?” We see tactics as simply the answer to the question “How?”.As pairs at every level.

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Not luck Not luck

We do not rely on serendipity. We systematically explore the possibilities. We don’t propagate biases. We use structure to surface hidden assumptions, eliminate biases and deliver clarity. Patents, scientific publications, …

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Insight Insight

A fresh perspective on reality that holds the potential of significant positive change… seen by connecting previously seemingly unconnected elements.

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Strategy development

Given a state of constant change how can you generate  intellectual property that delivers superior value and how can you capitalise on it quickly? We bring a holistic approach that views your company in relation to  technologies, competitors , markets. We start from  from what could be  and return to what is.

Opportunity identification

Do you rely on serendipity? Do you tend to be more reactive than proactive? How do you go beyond what customers are able to tell you?  How do you go beyond the technologies that your team is familiar with? We bring a structured systematic process that combines insights from 3 different areas.

Problem Framing

There is rarely a clear problem when considering the question of “What’s Next?”. You generally have non-quantifiable socio-technical problem complexes. Too many parameters, too many relationships. It is even difficult to know where to start.

We bring clarity and structure.


We carry out analysis that our clients can use to make better informed decisions. We use data from patents, scientific publications, and user feedback. The analysis can focus on technological …

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Insight & action

We work with you to develop a better understanding of the problem, generate a large number of possibilities, assess alternatives, test conceptual directions, develop strategies. The key characteristic of this …

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Know-how transfer

We work with you to make sure that there is ownership of ideas by your team, that there is skills development and know-how transfer. At the end of the day …

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In competitors’ shoes

We get into the shoes of your competitors. We help you to proactively think how they may respond to your moves, how they might design around your patents or block …

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Insight for strategic product development